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We thank our whole community and early supporters for your enthusiasm!

With a heavy heart, we inform you that due to the current economic situation, we are canceling the #datalift summit 2023.

The summit is unfortunately canceled for this year, but the AI Guild continues!

Becoming an AI Guild member is free, and you get to join our local networking dinners and enjoy content about use cases in production, just like at the summit.

Keep an eye out for future get-togethers and news. The future is bright.

We are happy to have you by our side on our social accounts:

“The #datalift summit was one of the best conferences on data science I’ve ever been to. This is because of #datalift summit’s laser focus on use cases in production. You can even see this in how the conference is set up, with an entire day dedicated to hands-on co-learning with fellow practitioners. There was no fluff or sales pitches, just direct best practices from practitioners in organizations at all levels of AI maturity."
Rachel Berryman

Rachel Berryman
Elia Group

"I loved the conference! It was very well organized and I was impressed by all the work, starting from the early call for contributors. As a speaker, I appreciate the guidelines and the schedule for deliverables to motivate us to be ready on time."

Chris Szafranek

“As a founding member of the AI Guild I was honored to chair the key opening session at datalift and very proud that after a long journey all we hoped for finally happened”

Macarena Beigier-Bompadre

"It was a great event. I was super impressed mainly with the strong community engagement. It makes me feel the AI Guild is on its way to being a big and strong player in Europe and worldwide. Giving the talk was easy and well managed."

Itai Bar-Sinai
Mona Labs